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Post by Zirro G Locoss on Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:51 am

LSPD Offical. 2ywhd2f
Los Santos Police Department
Training & Recruitment | Requirements

Brief Information:

You must be between 18 to 63. We'll check necessary documents before the interview.
You must provide your full legal name.
You must be a citizen of Los Santos and have lived here for at least three years.
Your biography must be comprised of at least 200 words and not contain any grammar, punctuation, typographical or spelling errors.
You must speak fluent English.
Reinstatement Applications only: You will only be accepted if you have achieved the rank 'Corporal/Senior Officer' (( R2 )) or higher, no exceptions.

(( OOC Information ))

You must be at least level two before applying to the police force.
You must not include any sort of textual or imagery data that can violate the server offences such as Meta-gaming etc.
You must provide a cropped image of your statistics.
You must be active in-game and on the forum as well.
You must understand the English language well.
You mustn't apply with an alt account.

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