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Post by Zirro G Locoss on Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:24 am

LSPD HandBook 2ywhd2f

Los Santos Police Department
Public Affairs | Handbook

Table of Contents:​

1. Introduction
2. Policing and Service
3. Commands
4. Vehicle Information
5. Standard Weapons
6. Chain of Command
7. Radio Codes
8. Uniforms and Ranks
9. Duties & Rights
10. Legal Terms & Information
11. The Force Matrix
12. Key LSPD behaviours and Mission statement

1.0 Introduction

This handbook contains information on the Los Santos Police Department. It is aimed at the public but also towards our staff as a guide for common practice, and code of conduct.
To the Public:

Dear Citizens of Los Santos,
The Los Santos Police Department has a mission to fill, that mission is to protect this fine city and make it a safer place and earn a good reputation. With your best interests at heart and a strong police force, we will try our best to achieve this and gain respect.

2.0 Policing and Service

1) Calling for help:
If you are in need of emergency services you can call the police at 911 (( /call 911 )) and advise the call taker where it is you are and give a brief description of what is happening. One of our officers will respond to your call. We do attempt to respond to every 911 call, however, if for some reason we don’t then we will still be advised of the crime and take appropriate action.

2) Encountering the Police:
In the Los Santos Police Department we pride ourselves in being professional, fair, and helpful. If you are stopped by a member of the LSPD, do not run, that will only cause trouble for yourself, be compliant and respectful and you will be shown respect back.

3.0 Commands
Radio Chat

/r(adio) <message>
This is used to speak with the other members of the LSPD. This is meant to stay IC as often as possible. Please try to use this above /f whenever possible.

Faction Chat
(/f)action <message>
This is used to speak with the others members in OOC. Just like a family chat. Do not spam this chat and make sure anything IC related goes into /r.

Department Chat
/d(epartment) <message>
Similar to the "/r" command, this is used to not only communicate with fellow LSPD Officers, but also communicate with members of the other factions (SAFMD, Government and the FBI). Just like the radio chat, this is meant to stay IC, but the difference between "/d" and "/r" chat is that there will be no OOC chat in "/d". Every Sergeant or higher may use this chat, any rank below must only use it when they call in a paramedic, or with explicit permission.

/m(egaphone) <message>
The megaphone allows you to instruct citizens from a farther distance than "/s" as well as containing an identifying police rank, informing the citizens that you are indeed a police officer. The megaphone can be used anywhere, be it on foot or when in a vehicle.

Wanted List
The wanted list shows the current wanted suspects. It will display their name along with how many warrants they have.

Mobile Data Computer
/mdc <name/ID>
The Mobile Data Computer will list a suspects crimes, find a civilian, create BOLOs and other interesting stuff. This can only be used when you're inside any vehicle.

Gate Control
This is used to control both gates to the garage of the PD. Once you've opened a gate, pass through it, and then close it immediately to ensure that no one trespasses into the garage. Please look behind you before closing the gate, however, to ensure that there isn't a government vehicle right behind you. If there is, just move on and let them close the gate. Also, do not abuse the gate control at any time or you may risk possible infractions. Spamming it will cause a /me spam in the chat.

Suspect System
/su(spect) <name/ID> <crime>
This command is the backbone of the police department and is never to be abused. The suspecting system allows you to place warrants for committing crimes on a suspect, so that you can subsequently arrest them. You are NOT allowed, at any point in time, to place metagame warrants on anyone, always ensure you know their name, be it through RPly obtaining DNA after they have died(even if they quickly /accept death this is acceptable). fingerprints or through knowing their name due to previous RP encounters which left you knowing their name etc. If you are caught placing the charges unjustly, unfairly or through means of metagame, you risk instant dismissal from the faction.
When (/su)specting a person.
/ticket <name/ID> <price> <crime>
This is how you can ticket individuals for smaller crimes(IE. Reckless Driving, Driving on the wrong side of the road, Loitering in Government-Restricted areas). Generally, you should only ticket suspects if they've only committed a minor crime. Prices should stay low. Also, please keep in mind that you do need the person's name before you are allowed to ticket them.

/arrest <price (cash)> <bail (0/1)> <bail price (cash)>
Arresting suspects can be done at either the star that appears near the back of the garage or anywhere inside the Police Department. Please keep in mind that you can only arrest suspects if they have warrants for their arrest (they have at least one "/su" to their name). You are not allowed to arrest for one star, ticket the suspect and remove his star. You may not arrest if you have not read the suspect his rights. Failure to do so may result in a termination from the faction.

/frisk <name/ID>
Frisking suspects allows you to view what items they have on them. Such items that may come up include: Chemicals, Pot, Materials and any sorts of IDs. When frisking someone, always RPly put on a pair of rubber gloves prior to using the command.

Taking Items
/take <item name> <name/ID>
Taking items from a suspect can be quite useful, but should rarely be used. You have to be at least the rank of Officer to take items. You may not take any items if the suspect did not use it during his or her crimes, if you are unsure always use /breathtest or witness use, to ensure they are in fact under some narcotics influence and thus have evidence they have used the drug during or shortly prior to the arrest. You can take weapons, crack, chemicals, radio and seeds.

The tazer is probably your most important tool as a police officer. This should never be abused. When you take out the tazer, you simply aim it and shoot it at someone then it tazes them for a total of around 10 seconds. Keep in mind, you should not taze other people in the LSPD/FBI/GOV/SAFMD. The golden rule about the tazer is that if the suspect has a gun out AT ALL, the tazer is off-limits. This is to avoid any possible "rushtazing" situations, however if the suspect is fleeing shortly after a gunfight, the tazer is authorised.

Cuffing Suspects
/cuff <name/ID>
Cuffing suspects allows you to put them in your custody. You can only cuff a suspect if they've either been tazed or if they have their hands up (using the /handsup command). Cuffs do break after a couple of minutes after getting cuffed if the suspect is left alone, so keep a watch on your time.

Dragging Suspects
/drag <name/ID>
Dragging Suspects allows you to drag the suspects near your position, this only works when the suspect is cuffed. Always remind yourself that you need to drag someone near your cruiser first before detaining them. Otherwise it could possibly be count as powergaming. Also, remind yourself to always state the Miranda Rights right after cuffing the suspect.

Detaining Suspects
/detain <name/ID> <seat id>
Detaining suspects allows you to place them in your car. To RP a detain correctly, position your car so that the suspect is next to the door that you will be detaining them to, otherwise, a simple "/me grabs the suspect by the collar of their shirt" should suffice. The seat IDs are as follows: 1 - Passenger seat, 2 - Rear driver-side seat, and 3 - Rear passenger-side seat.
Also please remember that you cannot detain in 2 door vehicles, you must detain in an LSPD owned 4 door vehicle. FBI are an exception to this rule.

Breaking Down Doors(Ram)
Breaking down doors allows you to enter locked houses. This is NOT to be abused. The only time you should use this command is if a High Command Officer instructs you to do so. Generally, it is used to during SWAT situations that require breaking into a house to apprehend a suspect that is considered extremely dangerous.

Deploying Roadspikes

Deploying roadspikes allows you to setup a simple roadspike to flatten all of a vehicles tires. This command can only used by a sergeant or higher. When a vehicle hits the roadspike, their car will instantly have all of its tires flattened. Do not abuse it!

Destroying Roadspikes
Destroying roadspikes allows you to remove a roadspike, so long as you're right next to it, or all of them at once. This command can only be used by a High Command Officer

Calling/Disregarding Backup
This command allows you to deploy a beacon for the other police officers and call for backup, they will be able to know your location upon using this command, whilst (/nobackup) will disregard your backup call and eliminate the beacon, you must always respond to a backup call with up-most urgency, always treat it as an emergency unless it has been stated as being otherwise through /r /f or /d etc.

Vehicle Ticket
This Command allows you to put a ticket on an owned vehicle. This command should not be abused and is only allowed to be used when the vehicle itself is parked illegally. Refrain from placing a ticket on the same vehicle within an hour.

Checking Vehicle Registrations
This command allows you to determine the vehicle's registration ID and any other information. This command only works for vehicles that are owned by a player.

This command allows you the impound a towed vehicle into the DMV. Remember that you cannot impound a vehicle with a ticket price less than $3000. Otherwise this could lead you into an infraction.

Listing Calls
This command allows you to list all current calls in 911. You can either Accept the 911 call (/accept911 <ID>) or Reject it (/reject911 <ID>

Faction Radar
This command allows you to see all beacons of your fellow Police Officers. Not really recommended when there are many officers online as you wont be able to see the other beacons, useful for events when teaming or seeing where everyone is located roughly on your map.

Radio codes are a fundamental part of using the radio, they allow us to quickly get a message across to units without needing to type out a full long sentence, you don't have to use them, but you do have to understand them. The most commonly used ones are highlighted in a brighter colour.

10-1 - All units, drop what you're doing and head to <Location>
10-3 – Stop transmitting
10-4 – Message received (not yes, it means that you heard the message)
10-5 - Disregard
10-7 – Off Duty
10-8 – On Duty
10-10 – Off Duty/Leaving town (( Logging Off ))
10-15 – Male in Custody
10-15f – Female in Custody
10-16 - Requesting for a Patrol Partner
10-19 – Headquarters / HQ
10-20 - Location
10-26 – Traffic Stop
10-26a – High Risk Traffic Stop (need backup, traffic stop at gunpoint)
10-76 – Enroute to [Location]
10-87 – Meet
10-85 - Arrived in Area (Area Check)
10-99 - End of Situations

11-99 – Need backup its Emergency

Code 0 - (( Game Crashed ))
Code 1 – Routine Response Type (Not a Priority)
Code 3 – Emergency Response Type (Lights and Sirens)
Code 4 – No Further Assistance Needed/Enough Officer on Scene
Code 5 – Meal Break
Code Purple - Heavy gang activity.

Short description:
As a cadet, your main duties are to protect & serve. As any other LEO you have the same authorities, but minimized. Your main task is the MPS Duty, as a cadet you carry a license for tow-trucks. You need permission to arrest and charge a suspect from a officer or above.
Weapons: Unrestricted excluding the M4, Sniper rifle and Tear gas
Vehicle Restrictions: MPS Tow-truck, LSPD cruiser with a partner

Police Officer
Short description: An officer has all the abilities as a Cadet, just expanded. Your task is to prevent criminal activity from happening in Los Santos. You respond to backup calls, help civilians in need of help and follow the main motto ''to protect and serve''.
Weapons: Unrestricted excluding Tear gas and Sniper rifle
Vehicle Restrictions: LSPD cruiser with a partner

Short description: A Corporal holds all the permissions of a Cadet and Officer. This is the line where you are tested and observed by the High Command if you are ready to become a supervisor. You have more authority as a Corporal over an Officer as is the chain of command, you may also be selected during re-assignments to pick your 2 man Alpha team before Officers get their chance.
Weapons: Unrestricted excluding Tear gas
Vehicle Restrictions: LSPD cruiser with a partner and HPV with permission.

Short description: This is the bridge between Officer and High Command. If you do your job fluently, you will pass the bridge and become a Lieutenant if a Commander sees you fit when a position becomes available, or if you are specially assigned by the Chief. The basics duties of a Sergeant often include overseeing a division when neither a Lieutenant or Commander is in town, or supervising the rest of the Officer
Weapons: Unrestricted
Vehicle Restriction: LVPD cruiser, LSPD cruiser, Buffalo, Sultan, Turismo, Cheetah.

Short description: Lieutenants are the baseline of High Command, are are to formally be called "sir" or "ma'am", this is the lowest rank able to capture a turf. Lieutenants are selected by the Commander of their respected division, they are often unofficially "co-leaders" in the division, or simply just second in command. There can be a maximum of 2 Lieutenants per division.
Weapons: Unrestricted
Vehicle Restrictions: Unrestricted excluding personal vehicles.

Short description: The Commander has the power to control all of the PD when the Chief(s) is/are out of town. He maintains order within the PD and keeps everyone under control. They are carefully selected by the Chief of Police and are under intense supervision from Admins and the Chief(s). There is only 1 Commander per division, and they will oversee and manage it entirely, with little involvement from the Chief(s).
Weapons: Unrestricted
Vehicle Restriction: Unrestricted

Deputy Chief
Short description: The Deputy Chief holds the keys when the Chief of Police is out of town, he can make large changes including managing divisions and is the main advisor to the Chief, anything you might want to ask the Chief about, you can talk to the Deputy, he answers only to the Chief.
Weapons: Unrestricted
Vehicle restrictions: Unrestricted

Chief of Police
Short description: The Chief leads the whole faction, so he does what he wants and when he wants. He doesn't take orders from anyone, but he does take advice. So if you have any feel free to suggest them to his Deputy or to the Chief himself. (He's also usually very busy so talk to other HC before coming to him)
Weapons: Unrestricted
Vehicle Restriction: Unrestricted

10.0 Legal Terms & Information
If a ticket is allowed to be issued you may clear them if they pay the ticket. If they refuse to pay you must arrest them and give them the punishment located on the second line after a Legal Term and give them "Failure to Comply".
If a crime has 'No Ticket' then it means you must arrest them for it immediately

11.0 Force Matrix
The force matrix represents how much force should be used on the suspect.
Example: If the suspect is evading in a vehicle you do NOT open fire on him, you just try to shoot the tire (1 tire is enough).

Force Matrix Level 1:
Suspect represents minimum danger / Danger is at minimum risk (low force to verbal force only to be applied here unless the suspect is completely unresponsive, mace/megaphone/nitestick)

Force Matrix Level 2:
Suspect represents medium danger / Danger is at medium risk, i.e holding a weapon or threatening to cause harm. (more force should be applied, tazer/mace)

Force Matrix Level 3:
Suspect represents high danger / Danger is at high risk, i.e holding firearm and actively using it (or has the intent) to cause lethal harm. (extreme or lethal force should be applied, weapons and tazer)

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12. Key LSPD behaviours and Mission statement
Below are important behaviours and attitudes you should all be following, while written in a different format to above, they are just as important, and you are expected to follow them as rules.
Patrolling, I want everyone R3 or below, to be patrolling with someone, this is no longer something only Cadets are tied to. It's just simple a fact, we are much much more effective when we work as a team, re-assignments will group you into groups of 3, and outside of that, always stay with at least ONE person, if it's possible, go with 2, I want to see groups of 3 patrolling.
To re-iterate and clarify; you must always patrol with one or more partner(s)(but leave a space for detaining someone) unless you are R4 and above.

Uniform and Nitestick/Mace, this is already slightly enforced, but I want to make it clear, EVERYONE is to wear their respected uniform at all times, no one(other than R4+) is to go off duty without pre-permission, and those off duty are to go completely without locker equipment(this means no kevlar and no locker weapons). I also want everyone to hold onto their nitestick and mace, it looks professional, and you can often find yourself needing such equipment in roleplay scenarios, do not drop them. SWAT are an exception to the "nitestick/mace" carry rule.

I want a stronger focus to be on traffic stops and gang member roleplay frisks when patrolling, roleplay and engage with the rest of the community, your job is to protect and serve them, not shoot them dead whenever they get into a spot of trouble. With that said, be a force to be reckoned with when the time calls for it.

Back up calls! Backups from FBI and LSPD members are always to be treated as absolute emergencies, all patrolling units should always immediately respond to backups unless the person(s) calling for /backup have stated over /r or /d that the backup is not urgent. We will be making sure you all do this.

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